Welcome to Adventures Chiang Mai.
We are a small group of experienced travel guides that offer local servies to the amazing Chiang Mai region in Northern Thailand. Chiang Mai offers the visitor so many amazing sites and things to do at such a high standard. With its unique geographical location in Northern Thailand tourists are able to take full advantage of the fantastic seasonal climate and see so many things that offer adventure and insight.


There are countless activities to do in Chiang Mai. We offer several dedicated tours to a high standard somewhat different from much of the commercial travel agents found on the Chiang mai street.  We use scooters to take us out to many of the regions near the Doi Suthep national park. The wonderful Doi Suthep can be viewd but we also offer a less known temple that is much less visited yet as spectacular in its own way.  There are many ancient temples, Wats and buddhist relics there that folk rarely get to see as most go to the top of the mountain missing all the small sacred areas en route.

We also go exploring over the top of Doi Pui the neighbouring mountainand visit the Hmong villages and coffee plantations hidden nearby.  Over the top for mountain brings us back to wonderful lakes and eateries serving great food perched over the water. The Samoeng / Mae Sa valley loop is the best 100 kms ride in North Thailand, which everyone should do (at least once,) offers some amazing scenery and wonderful bike riding opportunities.